Rebecca Beitzel (nee Zizzo)

“You can’t effectively service a business unless you know how it works.”

Rebecca believes in understanding her clients’ businesses, the strategic outcomes they desire, and good communication. Many of her clients are remotely located so she likes to keep them constantly informed, providing prompt responses to their requests and sharing her network of professional contacts.

Throughout her twelve year career, Rebecca has worked on diverse consulting assignments ranging from ASX listings, business acquisitions and business process outsourcing. She also has international experience working in New York with multi-national retailers and retail property groups.

With the continuing shift towards outsourcing by small-to-medium businesses, Rebecca’s main focus is the delivery of outsourced 澳门赌场官网 services to local and international companies.

She has been involved in a number of worldwide outsourcing rollouts for fast growing businesses in the region and played a pivotal role in establishing their 澳门赌场官网 processes and software.

Rebecca’s team has a growing number of global and local clients in the online retail and digital media space. Her team seamlessly looks after their day-to-day 澳门赌场官网 and payroll as well as management reporting, tax planning and finance management.

Rebecca works closely with the firm’s Human 资源 and Marketing Managers and is involved in our social responsibility initiatives. She believes in giving back to the community, something she practises through her Board appointment with Kids for Life, as well as the numerous charitable causes she supports.


Professional qualifications and memberships

  • Bachelor of 业务
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment
  • Chartered Accountant, Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Registered 税 Agent
  • Committee Member, Kids for Life

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