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Accru Felsers provides a total support system to help you achieve financial value 和 business growth. From starting up to market leadership 和 business sale, we’re with you at every stage of your journey. 你的成功就是我们的成功.


Accru Felsers是一家专注于全球的, mid-tier 澳门赌场官网 firm with a long history of 澳门赌场官网 excellence. 总部位于悉尼市中心, our 50 professional staff provide a full range of 澳门赌场官网, 税, 审计, 国际咨询和 财务规划 服务.  作为Accru的一部分, we are ranked a Top 30 Australian 澳门赌场官网 firm 和 consistently recognised for excellent service in the AFR客户选择奖.

Established by Austrian Gerhard Felser in 1941, diversity 和 inclusion are part of our heritage. These principles continue to guide how we grow our firm 和 create an environment w在这里 everyone can achieve their best. We have a global, multicultural client base 和 we’ve developed our team to reflect that. 阅读更多澳门赌场官网 Accru Felsers已有78年的历史.

Why we st和 out amongst 悉尼 accountants


Accru Felsers has the capabilities of a large 澳门赌场官网 firm but we also have the personal touch. Our size enables us to form strong partnerships with our clients 和 provide responsive solutions customised to their specific needs. You’ll find we take time to get to know your business well, 事先考虑, discuss strategies as they arise 和 clearly explain the practical impacts of complex issues on your business.

Specialist cross-border 服务 for international businesses

我们提供专家 外包国际税收 和 国际澳门赌场官网准则/国际财务报告准则审计服务 to meet the specific needs of foreign-owned businesses in Australia. Whether you’re a startup or large regional operation, you’ll benefit from the greater efficiencies, 风险管理, new solutions 和 industry insights we can offer.  看到我们的 国际的见解 和 审计 & 保证的见解 在这里.

Unique underst和ing of 讲德语的企业

Accru Felsers一直在提供建议 讲德语的企业 in Australia for 78 years, ever since we started as one ourselves. As a result we lead the German inbound mid-market today.  Our many longst和ing clients from Germany 和 Austria include some of the world’s largest 和 most successful high-tech manufacturers. Our strong 和 valuable European partnerships include 奥地利的优势德澳商会Roedl & 合作伙伴 德国的澳门赌场官网师,以及 InterGest国际外包商. Accru Felsers partners also participate in German business delegations 和 speak on issues affecting German business in Australia.

Supporting your success in the digital economy

随着世界走向数字化, we’ve been assisting online 和 media entrepreneurs with the financial challenges of fast growth – it’s something we’re passionate about. We’re also using business intelligence software, skills 和 processes to deliver better results for all our clients. 看到我们的 业务增长小贴士 和我们的 财务报告案例研究.


As global business has shifted East, so has our expertise. 我们的悉尼团队现在为中国人提供咨询, 印度和马来西亚投资者, mostly on due diligence prior to making investments in Australia 和 listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. 我们的亚洲澳门赌场官网网络, we also empower Australian businesses to take advantage of opportunities in the Asia-Pacific. 访问 了解更多.


作为领先的中级特许澳门赌场官网师, Accru Felsers offers a full range of 服务 to support our clients throughout their businesses’ lifecycle.

If you’d like to attend our free seminars in 悉尼, please contact us via the contact form to be added to our invitation list.

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